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The Cannabis and CBD industries have a major plastic problem.

When it comes to choosing sustainable packaging, the options can be overwhelming.

With all the misinformation out there, how do you know that you are getting truly Eco-friendly packaging? 

Learn the truth about sustainable materials here - Resources

Dama Distributing delivers quality Eco-friendly, child resistant and plastic free products to customers at affordable prices.

With an impressive selection that is continuously growing, we guarantee you’ll find what you need.

We invite you to experience our revolutionary products.
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We're happy to customize packaging to meet your specific business needs.

The World's First & Only Sustainable Hemp Plastic Containers.


Degradation in as little as 14 months.


Child Resistant

About Us

Dama Distributing is a locally owned and operated company. We are pioneering the development of biodegradable and compostable packaging for the cannabis and CBD industries. Here at Dama we care about the world we live in, and strive to make the world a better place for us all. With only 9% of all plastic recycled world wide, the plastic waste problem is growing out of control. That's why we have partnered with several manufacturers to bring child resistant, plant based plastic packaging to the cannabis industry. We believe that all of our clients deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. 

Our Mission

To eliminate petroleum based plastic waste in the Cannabis and CBD industries,

by offering Eco-friendly and plant based products. 

Together we can leave the Earth a little greener for future generations.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-Friendly Custom Labeling


Here at Dama we have several Eco-friendly label options to meet your needs. We offer tree free & water free labels for oil and tincture bottles. As well as plant based labels that dissolve under water. From compliance labeling to custom design labeling, we have a solution for you.

Do you have a product that you would like to be more eco-friendly? Tired of using oil based plastics? Here at Dama we work with several manufactures who produce eco-friendly plant based plastics. We can find a solution for your company.


Are you looking to use less single use plastic in your dispensary? We have several child resistant packages to meet any need.


Our Services

Our business was founded on three main principles - sustainability, quality, and service. At Dama Distributing, we pride ourselves on our commitment to these principles each day. We provide outstanding service at competitive prices, and are here to ensure that all of your needs are met.  Only 9% of plastic worldwide gets recycled. Most recycling plants across the country refuse to take plastic used in the cannabis industry. Almost every single use plastic package created by the cannabis industry either ends up in a landfill or the ocean. That is why we are working with multiple companies to create products that have zero petroleum based plastic while meeting all compliance regulations in the industry. With the use of new technology, we are able to use the left overs (aka bio mass) from the agriculture industry. Crops don't have to be farmed for our products. We are working with hemp, to create a more Eco-friendly plastic. Industrial hemp uses little to no pesticides, due to its chemical make up. We do not use any OXO-degradable plastics, or plastics that require commercial composting, as neither solves the plastic pollution problem. We would love to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Compostable and biodegradable are often used interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing.


Biodegradable means that a product can be broken down WITHOUT oxygen and that it turns into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass within a reasonable amount of time. Now, reasonable is not really defined, but WAY less than 1000 years, which is how long it takes some plastics.


​Compostable means it breaks down to carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass at a rate similar to paper and breaks down into small pieces in about 90 days, so that you don’t even recognize the original compost, and it leaves no toxic residue.


Our Products

OG Containers

Child Resistant

Made From Hemp

The world's first and only child resistant containers made from hemp on the market, that will degrade in as little as 14 months if disposed of improperly. The larger ergonomic domed lid allows for easy opening for seniors and persons  with disabilities. Also giving you more room for your favorite flower. Direct printing  available. Certified Child Resistant: CFR Title 16 Part 1700. OLCC Certified (Oregon) for Exit Packaging as re-sealable and continually child-resistant.

Made in the USA

Zero Plastic

 Child Resistant


These certified child resistant containers are a great option for a custom branding of your packaging. Made from 100% recyclable plastic free metal. These CR compliant containers are great for packaging everything from flower to vape cartridges. There is zero oil based materials used. Making an Eco-friendly solution to the plastic container problem.

These tins can be custom printed just like your favorite beverage can.

Glassine Lined

Child Resistant Containers

These certified child resistant containers are made from post consumer recycled material. So you can feel good about the packaging your using. They are glassine lined to keep in freshness. (Glassine is a smooth and glossy paper that is air, water, and grease resistant.) We can wrap them in your company colors or custom print directly onto the container.

Made in the USA 


Reusable Natural Bamboo Tubes

100% plastic free. These Eco-friendly natural bamboo tubes are great for storing your favorite buds. As well as keeping your pre-rolls safe on the go. Multiple sizes are available. Pair with our lockable hemp exit bags for a truly Eco-friendly option at your store. 

Reusable Glass Containers

Glass is 100% recyclable. Making these containers a great eco friendly option. With several different lid options to choose from. Including bamboo, glass and cork. We can also custom print your logo directly onto the glass or lids. Pair with our lockable hemp bags for a truly Eco-friendly option at your store. 

Hemp Fabric

Child Resistant

Stash Bags

  • ASTM certified child-resistant

  • OLCC Certified (Oregon) for Exit Packaging as re-sealable and continually child-resistant

  • Meets 2018 CA proposed requirement for exit packaging to be resealable, child-resistant and opaque

  • Meets CAs Prop 64 regulation on locked containers for driving and boating

  • Complies with Colorado’s MED laws for child-resistant exit packaging

  • Eco-friendly hemp fiber outer material

  • With or without Scent suppressing inner foil liner

  • Envelope-style bag with locking zipper closure

  • Multiple sizes available.

  • Great for hiding and protecting your stash or exit bags for your dispensary.



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