About Us

Dama Distributing is a locally owned and operated company, based in Colorado. We are pioneering the development of sustainable, home compostable, and compliant packaging for a variety of industries.

Here at Dama we care about the world we live in and strive to make the world a better place for us all. With only 9% of all plastic recycled worldwide, the plastic waste problem is growing out of control. That is why we work with recycled materials, glass, bamboo, and hemp plastics, to help solve this ever-growing problem. We believe that all of our clients deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. 

The Dama Distributing Mission

To eliminate petroleum plastic waste across the globe,
by offering sustainable and plant-based packaging solutions. 

Together we can leave the earth a little greener for future generations.

We have prevented over 5.2 million pounds of CO2 from being released.

Meet The Team

Cole Gibbs, owner Dama Distributing

Cole Gibbs

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Cole Gibbs, founder & CEO of Dama and an innovative entrepreneur, is pioneering the development of sustainable hemp plastic and compliant packaging solutions for a variety of industries. With only nine percent of all plastic recycled worldwide, and the plastic waste problem growing out of control in all industries, Cole established a practical and sustainable strategy for business and industry using the power of hemp and other green technologies. Dama is powered 100% by renewable wind energy.

Cole’s concern for the overwhelming amount of plastic waste clogging our seas and damaging soil is what challenged and motivated him to take action. Over the last three years alone, Cole and his team have made a massive impact on the world today by preventing over 1000 tons of petroleum plastic from entering our environment. 

As he looks to the future, Cole believes his years of research in the area of sustainable hemp plastic packaging, combined with hundreds of relationships in business and industry, will prevent thousands of tons of petroleum plastic from damaging our planet. Cole, an active outdoor enthusiast, attended Salt Lake Community College and Weber State University where he studied Automotive Technology with an emphasis on alternative fuels, including Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Biodiesel, Hydrogen Fuel and Hemp Ethanol. He also worked as a high altitude prototype test driver for Jaguar/Land Rover. 
Cole has spoken at numerous events, expos and symposiums on sustainability, bioplastics, and waste management. Sharing his knowledge and expertise so we can all live a more sustainable life. 

At Dama we care about the world we live in, and strive to make the world a better place for us all. That’s why Dama Distributing is on a mission to eliminate single use plastic waste. Revolutionizing the plastic industry with the world’s first and only and truly sustainable hemp bioplastic solution. 

Dama Team Member Daizee Torres

Daizee Torres

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Daizee Torres has been a cannabis patient for over 20 years and has a background in human development and biology. Raised in a family dedicated to waste reduction and recycling, they have always been mindful of the impact capitalism has on the environment.

In 2016, while working for a regenerative agriculture farm in Portland Oregon, they had the opportunity to join the legal cannabis industry. In 2018 they were contacted by a German packaging company interested in applying their technology to nutraceuticals. The company had been doing research on alternative packaging materials for food and medicine and Daizee wanted to bring this technology to the Cannabis industry. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the COVID pandemic shut down their North America operations and Daizee found themselves unemployed and with a new knowledge base around materials and packaging solutions that they were determined to carry on. Initially landing with a U.S. packaging distributor, they continued to learn and develop a deep understanding of the life cycles of materials, the truth about recycling, commercial composting and the heavy reality that is our plastic pollution crisis. 

Eventually, Daizee crossed paths with Cole Gibbs and Dama Distributing and realized they were the perfect fit for the new passion (obsession?) around sustainability and creating a circular economy. In February 2022, Daizee and the family relocated to Denver, CO to be closer to the Dama team.
When not advocating for a greener future, Daizee enjoys spending time with their 3 children, homesteading, visiting farmers markets, camping, swimming, and going on long walks with the dogs.

Dama Team Member Daniel Falk

Daniel Falk

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Daniel Falk is an entrepreneur in plant-based wellness and material applications, and an operations specialist in human services and regulatory compliance for residential therapeutic programs.  He holds BA and MA degrees from NYU in Poli-Sci and Columbia University in Special Education and Behavioral Healthcare, and a BA in Jazz Piano/Music Theory & Composition. Since 2000, He has developed single and multi-family properties in NYC and upstate NY and has extensive land-use approval and development experience. Daniel was a longtime board member of the High Falls Center nonprofit, supporting disability funding and programmatic services, and for the NY State Camp Directors Assoc.  He has served as an advisory board member for the NY State Medical Council of the NY State Health Department.  He was a Mayoral Fellow in NYC Mayor Bloomberg's Office of Adult Education, where he designed a language tutoring system for the NY Public Library system, called Tutor Hub, which remains the primary learning resource for NYC immigrants.In 2019, Daniel founded Inclusive Hemp, a start-up to help disability service nonprofits gain wholesale access to the Hemp markets.  Inclusive Hemp is a cohort of the Canopy Boulder cannabis investment company. An avid sports and outdoorsman Daniel enjoys sharing in the many wonderful activities in Boulder, CO with his wife and three children.  He is an enthusiast for compassionate and joyful living who enjoys healthy engagement and debate, while encouraging positive change to create a world that nurtures and works for everyone.

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