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Here at Dama we have several Eco-friendly label solutions to meet your needs. We offer tree free & water free labels for oil and tincture bottles. As well as plant based labels that dissolve under water. All the labels are printed with water based inks, allowing you to customize your logo and stay up to date with compliance labeling. 

All labels are printed here in the USA at a carbon neutral facility powered by the wind. 

Zero Plastic 

Child Resistant


These containers are a great option for a custom branding of your packaging. Made from 100% recyclable plastic free metal, These CR compliant containers are great for packaging everything from flower to vape cartridges. There is zero oil based plastic used. Making an Eco-Friendly solution to the plastic container problem.

Designed and patented here in the U.S.A. These tins can be custom printed just like your favorite beverage can.


 Child Resistant Containers

These certified child resistant containers are made from post consumer recycled material. So you can feel good about the packaging your using. They are glassine lined to keep in freshness. (Glassine is a smooth and glossy paper that is air, water, and grease resistant) We can wrap them in your company colors or custom print directly onto the container. Stay tuned for our hemp plastic containers coming soon. 


Reusable Natural Bamboo Tubes

100% plastic free. These Eco-friendly natural bamboo tubes are great for storing your favorite buds. As well as keeping your pre-rolls safe on the go. Multiple sizes are available. Pair with our lockable hemp exit bags for a truly Eco-friendly option at your store. 

Reusable Glass


Glass is infinitely recyclable. Making these containers a great Eco-friendly option. With several different lid options to choose from. Including bamboo, glass and cork. We can also custom print your logo directly onto the glass or lids. Pair with our lockable hemp exit bags for a truly Eco-friendly option at your store. 


Hemp Fabric

Exit Bags

  • ASTM certified child-resistant

  • OLCC Certified (Oregon) for Exit Packaging as re-sealable and continually child-resistant

  • Meets 2018 CA proposed requirement for exit packaging to be resealable, child-resistant and opaque

  • Meets CAs Prop 64 regulation on locked containers for driving and boating

  • Complies with Colorado’s MED laws for child-resistant exit packaging

  • Eco-friendly hemp fiber outer material

  • With or without Scent suppressing inner foil liner

  • Envelope-style bag with locking zipper closure

  • Multiple sizes available.

  • Great for hiding and protecting your stash or exit bags for your dispensary.